Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men?……Or is it of Wizards and Elves?

Well let’s just say things didn’t go our way this weekend.

I left work Friday afternoon  late (Around 5 PM) and the labor shop steward  comes up to me and says, “Hey you working tomorrow?” Well, we were dismantling the cocoon at Rego Park but I wasn’t going to be there. So I says to him “The only way I’m gonna be here is if something really bad happens.”  The only reason why I remember saying this is that he reminded me I said it when I saw him Saturday afternoon.  Yes, something bad did happen. Me and my big mouth.

Why would I say something so stupid? The jinx was in and I paid. Something fell off the building and damaged the side of the Mall. I got the call 7:30 a.m.  Saturday morning and got down to the job around 9;30. It turned into a long day. I think I got home around 5:00.

Went out to dinner and had a huge gin and tonic with a double lime twist.

The good news is no one got hurt and there was no major damage done. It could have been worse.

So that makes three weekends in a row we haven’t worked on the house. Hang in there people it’s got to turn around soon. As you can imagine I don’t have a lot to report. But hopefully next weekend we will hit it hard and try to get everything ready for the pour. There’s nobody more disappointed than myself.

I picked up some 1 inch conduit from work the other day. Frank has me worried so I think I’m gonna heed his advice and add a couple of conduits. Just in case. Hey, the world is a changin’ and you never know what you might need outside your back door. I might need to energize  the negative power coupling on the hyper drive! Who knows?

Like I said in the title one can never be too sure what is about to happen. Or as Bilbo once said ….”It’s a dangerous thing Frodo Baggins….going out your front door…

I forget the whole quote but it is quite relevant. Once you step outside one never really knows what is about to happen.

Remember last week I told you about my mother-in-laws gravy? And how it has an adverse effect on my colon? She wasn’t too happy about that. Said I won’t be getting gravy and meatballs from her for a while. Hmmmm.  She’s pretty sensitive, huh? Hey… If you are ever in a field of Italians and want to get the party started just ask if the red stuff you put on your pasta is sauce  or gravy. That’s when the Fourth of July fireworks really begin! It’s so easy to get them all riled up. (No offense to all of our Italian brethren out there. Remember: my kids are half Italian so I can say stuff like this….Right?) I have to quote Bilbo again…”It’s just a bit of fun!”.

I’m still daydreaming about vacation. We just got back last week  but it feels like a long time ago already….

Huge Grenadian tree.
Huge Grenadian tree.

I kind of needed to get something in the foreground so you could get the scale of this tree but I forgot. This thing is really huge. It reminded me of the tree from “Avatar”.

Sing a long with Bob.
Sing a long with Bob.

He actually has a pretty good singing voice.

Enjoy your week  Free Folk of Middle Earth….and thanks for hanging in there !


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