A Hobbit Hollow Christmas…..What Are You Doing?!?!?!

My Hobbit Shed.
My Hobbit Shed.

Merry Christmas to all from your friends at Hobbit Hollow! I hope if you celebrate Christmas you had a great one. Santa always seems to rise to the occasion. We had a great day. Didn’t really have the time, or energy for that matter, to work at the house. Just wanted to enjoy the holiday with my family and forget about everything else for a few days. It was good for the soul….and we’ll get to everything else sooner or later.

Went over to my mother-in-laws Christmas Eve. She cooks up the big seven fishes Italian thing for the eve. She can’t count though. I think it was eleven or twelve fishes….but really, who’s counting? It was really, really good. If you’re into Italian food that is. She even put out a little super sod for me too! Gotta love that super sod…(nothing like chewing on something for a half an hour and raising your cholesterol level by 50 points.)

So we got home late on the Eve and sent the kids up to bed with the reprimand, “You know Santa’s not going to come if you all don’t go to sleep!”So everyone complied and Santa (aka: the Editor) and I started bringing the presents upstairs and putting them under the tree. ┬áThen wisenhymer son number three comes out of his bedroom and starts walking down the stairs!!! I stop him at the stairs, “What are you doing?????” It’s not a surprise if you see the pile before everything is in it’s proper place. I mean Santa has a pretty cool way of setting the whole thing up. Terence starts saying he knows what we’re doing. “I know what you guys are doing! And I need to get something downstairs!” That’s not the point son…capece? It’s all about principle at this point. Don’t ruin it. I sent him back upstairs. Geez. Can’t we have a little old Saint Nicholas fun???

The funny thing is, we collapsed exhausted into bed when we were all finished with the Santa duties. I said: Oh, I guess I should tell Terence he can go downstairs now.” The Editor said: “He’ll figure it out on his own when he hears it’s all quiet.” Poor guy. He broke his finger during football and he had been heading downstairs to get tape to bandage up his splint. Probably spent an extra hour upstairs waiting to bandage that finger!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas morning opening gifts and spending time together. One of the best Christmases ever for me. I hope you all were able to enjoy friends and family as well. It’s not always as easy as it should be.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and go easy on that spiked egg nog!

Best wishes for a wonderful and fruitful new year to all!!!


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