A Bust of a Blizzard……A 25th Anniversary Adventure!

Welcome fans of all things Middle Earth!….and anyone else who happens along!

Okay, let’s just be honest….We all wish we could be weathermen right? Who in the world gets to be wrong this much and keep his job? And with satellite tracking no less! I mean I predicted this one. A lot of blizzard hype and nothing to show for it. I think we got three to four inches, that’s it. I brought my work home with me and wound up upsetting my wife’s, quote unquote, “schedule.”  Apologies to the Editor. I always get a  kick out of the pre-storm food buying hysteria. It’s as if nobody in America can survive a day and a half without going to the food store. Didn’t Frodo and Samwise make the journey to Bree with just a loaf of bread and an apple?

So the blizzard aside I guess you can tell by the title I won’t be doing much work on the Hobbit house the next two weekends. Yes people, 25 years of marriage and we’re celebrating by going away to the Caribbean island of Antigua. Gotta love the rum and the sun! (Gotta love this wonderful wife of mine…the bestest thing I ever did my entire life! Looking forward to the next wonderful 25!) I’m sitting here Friday night putting this little post together for you but my brain is going a little haywire so just bear with me if you will. Just a few other things to note.

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, son Terence is staying behind and being watched by that mother-in-law of mine. Geez, you’d think the Queen of England was going to be staying here the way my wife made me straighten the house. All  I can say is this house better be cleaner than the way we left it….and it better not smell like an Italian Deli with too much super sod in the back room. It’s not a threat….it’s a guarantee. Oh yeah, and I left a shovel in the garage just in case it snows. Little old ladies need exercise every once in a while, and fresh air.

Oh yeah, and I hid those extra couple of dollars I had floating around in a cool dry place. Little old ladies like to “clean” in the strangest of places sometimes. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan you know what I mean by, “Keep it secret, keep it safe.” Enough said.

I could go on forever about what I went through getting everything ready for you know who but I’ve got to finish packing. Oh and I’ve got to change the sheets on the bed, as well. I’m telling you she better not sleep on my side of the bed…

Good luck with your Super Bowl numbers if you’re playing and I’ll see you next week! (Go Seahawks!)

Hobbit Hollow Jim


4 thoughts on “A Bust of a Blizzard……A 25th Anniversary Adventure!”

  1. Dear Son in Law,
    House is cleaner than when you left, but you did a good job. I’m not the Queen of England, just the Queen. I couldn’t get out to buy “super sod” because of all the snow so I made a sausage bread instead. House smells like a nice Italian home now. Thanks for the tip, I guess that’s what it was that I found in your sock drawer. Hope you had a good time while Terence and I shoveled five feet of snow, but that’s a lot better than coming face to face with six sharks.
    Mother in Law

    • Thanks for watching the boy and the house as well! The sausage bread was excellent as always! Thanks you. Being I’m in such a good mood at the moment I’m not going to reply in any negative type way.

      Love, Jim

      PS: When you leave next time make sure you tell Terence to turn down the thermostat. 85 degrees Fahrenheight is the temperature in Antigua. Just try to cover your tracks a little better next time okay!


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