A Saturday Dusting of Snow…. Oh Yeah, a Blizzard is on the Way!

Just quick people. The snow that was supposed to go to our south Friday into Saturday morning turned North and dropped 6-8 inches of the white stuff in my area. Oh well, there goes another days work. Then on top of that the next system that’s going to hit Monday into Tuesday is supposed to be blizzard like.  I don’t know, every time these weather people start hyping a storm it always seems to be a flop.

Anyhoo, I spent part of the weekend clearing snow and the other part getting ready for snow. It took a couple of tries but I got the generator up and running. I had gotten a new generator in and I had to go out and get a different plug for it at Home Depot. (30 Amp 4 prong twist lock to be exact.) Hopefully we won’t lose power. Gotta be ready for anything though. The weather people are predicting  24 inches here and almost 36 inches in Boston. Sounds like the kids are heading for another snow day. The hysteria at the food stores is at a fever pitch as well. I guess most people just have enough in their pantry for a day. No more. No less. Hence the hysteria. Happens every storm.

We will be getting into the slab sometime soon. I hope!

Patience people, we will get there.

Take it easy!



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