The Breaking of the Fellowship….A Quick Update Really

Alas my friends all good things cannot last forever, can they. My lovely holiday season with my wife and  children is coming to an end and it is with heavy heart that I must accept this fact.

Jude and Georgia left today. Jude back to Sienna College and Georgia back to North Adams, Mass to start a job as a substitute teacher. They will be missed. Ethan has two weeks of vacation left before heading back to SUNY Cortland though so we will relish his presence while he is with us. They have to leave I know…..I will miss them…..every day.

Their great adventure is just begining and in a sense ours is always continuing.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work and getting our slab pour all in order. I’m glad you will be with me in spirit.

“We travel light…..Let’s hunt some Orc!”…. Aragorn after the breaking of the Fellowship and realizing there is still much they can do together as a team.

I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together!

Hobbit Hollow Jim

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