Just Put It in the GPS!

Hello again fans of Middle Earth and welcome once again to the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog!

Well. Not much of a blog this week I’m sorry to say. The Editor and I took Terence up to visit Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, New York. This college just so happens to be up in the Albany area about an 8 mile drive from brother Jude’s school of Siena. We did the college tour with Terence and then picked up Jude for lunch and watched the RPI Engineers play football. Nice day, nice school, nice sons and a lot of fun.

So the game plan was to watch the football game and then go see the new James Bond movie at this I-Max theater somewhere. So I mistakenly thought that the movie theater was somewhere on route 9 near Siena College. So I just started driving back the way we came after we had picked up Jude. I get off at the exit and the backseat chatter starts. Jude:Where are you going??!!?? ┬áMe:I’m going back to route 9. Where else would I be going? Jude:Yeah, but that’s not where the movie theater is. Me: Okay, well thanks for telling me. Then Jude: It’s ok. I’ve got it on my GPS.

So okay I get it. It’s the whole GPS thing. Most of you know about this. Punch in the address and then that woman robot tells you where to turn and all. It works. I’ve done it before. Only problem this time is that Jude’s in the back seat of the truck and I can’t really hear what this robot is saying amid the talking and constant cackling. So now everytime I hear the robots voice (which I can barely hear) I have to ask Jude for clarification. I don’t live in the Albany area and I have no idea where I am or where I’m going.

Here’s a typical exchange on the ride to the movie theater.

Robot: Says something that I really can’t hear so I have to shout out “What did she just say!!!!!”

Jude: Just go straight. (This is at a fork in the road in which both ways are really quite straight as far as I’m concerned.)

Me: Bearing slightly right because that is pretty much straight as far as I’m concerned.

Jude: Why’d you get off at that exit I said go straight.

Me: Expletive. Why didn’t you tell me to bear left at the fork!

Editor: Oh my God we’re never going to get to this movie on time!

Terence: Dad! Just listen to Siri!

Me: I can’t hear anything that robot is saying because you guys are talking way too loud!!!!

Jude: Don’t worry we’ve got plenty of time. Mumble, mumble….Hug the perimeter!

Editor: I think I’m going to be sick.

Me: Why do so many people have to live up here!!! There’s way too much traffic. And why don’t any of them know how to drive???

I know you’re wondering what happened. Yes, we did make it to the movie but not on time. The only thing that saved us was that there were 20 minutes of trailers before the movie began. I was even able to get a popcorn before it came on. (For the record the theater was at a place called the Cross Gates Mall. They must start Christmas shopping early in the Albany area because I have never been to a mall that crowded except during full blown Christmas season. It was absolutely, ridiculously crowded.)

Going to try and finish up some minor details over at the house next week if all goes well!

Take care and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Just Put It in the GPS!”

  1. Jim,
    Whatsda matter, nobody in the family wants to go to Villanova like their father and uncle??
    And, what else you gonna do up dere in Albany – you go to the Mall! In Florida, you go to the beach; in Albany you go to the Mall!
    Hope all is well,

    • Hey Mike! Thanks for hanging in there and all. Yeah, the whole college thing has totally gotten out of control. I think last I checked tuition was about 500% higher than when I went 30 years ago. Amazing….and inflation is low!

      Other than paying college tuition bills all is well. I hope the same for you on your end. Thanks for sending the note!

      Take it easy,


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