A Christmas Feast!

Merry Christmas to all from the land of Hobbits! I’m hoping that Santa treated you all well this year…and I’m glad you’re all stopping by for a friendly holiday visit to the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog!

For the record we broke records here in the Northeast this Christmas Eve. It was in the mid 70’s temperature wise. Terence actually wore shorts to our Christmas Eve feast. There is something fishy in the air for sure this winter. At least so far anyway. Supposedly the winds are going to shift later on in January and it’s going to start to feel like a normal winter. We shall see. I happen to be enjoying this balmy weather as far as work is concerned though. There’s really nothing worse than working outside when it’s 10 degrees out. The longer we can avoid that the better as far as I’m concerned.

So as I stated a blog or two ago it’s pretty hard to get anything done on a Hobbit house this time of year. Steve the excavator guy finished up this week and pulled his machines out. So now it’s up to me to get things going again. And we shall. I brought Ethan over on Sunday before the Jet game and we went over a few things. We’re going to start the electrical this week. There’s a bunch of stuff that we are going to get started on including wiring the panel box which is pretty interesting. Of course something is always messing up my agenda. I go to Home Depot the other day and pick up this special tool to cut BX electrical cable with. So of course when Ethan and I go over to the house to show him how to use this tool, we open it up and the cutting blade is missing from it. Great. The whole point of going over there was to show him how to use this tool and now I can’t. Even worse now I have to go back to Home Depot and go to customer service and do a return. I don’t think I’ve ever had a good time at customer service anywhere. Definitely not looking forward to it.  Gotta get that done Monday on my way home from work.

Next topic Jim will ya please.

So the holidays were nice. My sisters and mother stopped over and I took them to see the house. I think it’s like I said last week. The pictures really don’t do the house justice. When you get there and you walk through and around it, it’s kind of mesmerizing. They really like it. The feedback was nice.

So I don’t know if I told you but I have to go over to my Mother-in-laws for the Italian 7 fishes feast on Christmas Eve. It’s not easy being me people, trust me on this one. She did make the scungilli salad for me, which was delicious, I might add. I told her I would put it in the blog so just bear with me here people. I’ve gotta keep the peace on the home front if you get what I mean. So here it is.

Scungilli salad.
Scungilli salad. (Not to sure of the spelling)

She said she made it just for me but just in case, I had someone else take the first plate. Hey, you can never be too careful with these old time Italians. (Went a little overboard with the garlic though….there was enough in there to choke a horse.)

So for the record, I have to deal with a double whammy. We all know about the issues I have with my Mother-in-law, but the Editor’s father is a different type of handful. So like I was saying earlier it was about 74 degrees on Christmas Eve and apparently my father in law didn’t get a chance to check out the Weather Channel. So he thought it was December and 34 degrees out apparently. (He had the electric heater going on full blast…..cause it’s December) I got there late because I had to work a half day. So I got a little taste of what the entrance to hell is like. It was like an inferno down there.The heat blast was incredible.I mean there were at least three people the Editor was treating for dehydration sickness. So I opened the window….. Took a little grief for opening the window from my father -in -law. But I think I saved  four to five people from having to go to the hospital.

We did settle down and enjoy our 7 fishes though. Here’s Mother-in-law in her glory. Good Job.

7 fishes Christmas Eve Feast
7 fishes Christmas Eve Feast

Hmmm. Running out of time here people and kind of losing my focus if I ever had one to begin with.

The only thing I was really looking forward to was the salmon. Here’s what the salmon looked like.

Uncooked salmon for me.
Uncooked salmon for me.

Looks appetizing  doesn’t it? Mother-in-Laws response to the uncooked salmon? I can’t believe I forgot to cook your salmon!!!! Apparently she forgot to put it in the oven.

Yeah right.

Anyway Christmas was nice and I hope yours was too.

Looking forward to another year of blogging.

See you next year!


PS: I did enjoy the movie “The Force Awakens”. I can understand why some have issues with it. Still a little early to talk about it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. If you’re a Star Wars fan go see it before the new year. We’ll talk about it next week.


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