A 50th Birthday Party Blast!!!!

Long time no see eh friends?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, this one as well.

I kind of feel a little silly saying that on Memorial Day weekend though. Talk about rough. What some people did and sacrificed for our country. Their families as well. I don’t know if you have ever watched the movie “Saving Private Ryan” but how anyone could come away from that movie and not see things a little differently I don’t know.

So let’s dispense with the complaining shall we.

For hope remains………while company is true.

With the little time I have at the moment I’ll just do a little show and tell for this week.

Celebrated the Editor’s 50th birthday this weekend. It was a huge success. I tended bar, among other things which I really enjoyed. Would love to open a Hobbit bar someday.You know just like the house we’re building. It would be really cool. It would be fun to build.

The birthday celebration was a real blast though I have to admit. Lots of food, drink, and song. The Editor handled 50 really well. A couple of pictures.

The editor and that Mother in law of mine.
The editor and that Mother in law of mine.
Hangin' at the bar!
Hangin’ at the bar!


A few other things: I had a new nest built into the Hobbit House over the last few days. It’s a long story but this nest has 4 eggs that are the same and one that is a completely different color. What’s up with that Sally H.!!!! Evolution. Another bird mother who is too lazy to sit on her eggs? We’ll see what develops over the next week.

Nest built into skylight well.
Nest built into skylight well.


Oh yeah, saved a turtle the other day. He/she was crossing the road and I wanted to make sure he/she didn’t get squashed. I put him on the other side in the grass. On the way back from where I was going I think the same turtle was in the middle of the road again. (I think the signal on his GPS must have went down.) Had to put the poor guy on suicide watch so I put him in the flatbed and dropped him into the pond at the Hobbit house. Would love to have him there that’s for sure. I know this sounds weird but I could have sworn I heard him say “Do you have a signal?” Weird right?

Grass is coming along over at the house as well. I’m thinking I should reseed it again soon. So it gets really thick on the roof at least. This way I won’t have to worry about erosion this winter.

Hobbits have green roofs.
Hobbits have green roofs.

Anyway, things aren’t going as planned. I might have to put a crane up this weekend over on 34th street. What a bummer. Maybe not, we’ll see.

If not I’m really going to try and finish the sheathing on the north side of the house. I think I could get it done in about 5-6 hours.

Have a great week!



4 thoughts on “A 50th Birthday Party Blast!!!!”

  1. Personally, I draw the line at snapping turtles. When I was growing up our neighbor found a snapper in his garden shed. To get it back to the water he put it in a wheeled trash can. I was there when he tipped the can on its side and tried to use a broom handle to scoot the snapper out. I say tried because the snapper, whoes shell was a little more than a foot across, bit the broom handle in half. Ever since I have been very reluctant to be near snappers.

    • Hi again Sally! So I finally got home at a decent hour and was able to catch up on a few comments. Personally I’ve always been fascinated with turtles. (Sorry tortoises.) Snappers remind me of the dinosaur age for some reason. It’s as if they have always been around. Like they have seen it all and don’t need to be bothered.

      I’ve been troubled by the lack of turtles and frogs in my area. Hopefully with cleaner air and less pollution in the waters we’ll see more and more of these kinds of creatures.

      Always glad to see your comments Sally,
      Have a wonderful summer ,

  2. The different egg is bigger than the others? It is most likely a cow bird egg. Like the cookoos of Europe, cow birds lay their eggs in the nests of other smaller birds (often wrens) and let those birds raise their young. The cow bird chick will hatch first, grow fastest, and thus demand more food, leaving the chicks of the nest-building parents to starve.

    Thank you for saving the turtle. (Really, because it lives on land, it is a tortoise.) The best thing to do is to put the turtle on the side of the road it is facing – help it go where it wants to go. Please do _not_ take the turtle more than 3 miles from where you find it because you might be spreading turtle diseases that would injure the turtle populations in the new area. I too, to my husband’s great chagrin, stop to save turtles.

    • Hi Sally! Thanks for writing and everyone really appreciates the info on the animals. It’s so interesting. I think I did move that turtle more than 3 miles though. I didn’t know. As a matter of fact I saw a guy save a tortoise the other day on route 22 in Brewster NY which is a really busy road. I don’t know how the tortoise got halfway across the road to begin with. The guy did the right thing though and just brought him across the street.

      I also saw a nice sized snapping turtle cross our road the other day. I took a picture but it wasn’t really blog worthy.

      Thanks for being patient with my response. Sorry about that. I’ve been ridiculously busy at work and I like to take my time writing back.

      I hope all is well!
      Take care,


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