An Ounce of Prevention…..

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog! It’s good to have you back.

An ounce of prevention you say? Yes, if only I listened to my own advice. Maybe things would have turned out differently this weekend. But alas, no. I didn’t heed my own advice and now I’m stuck with a problem I’m usually not dealing with at this point in time. Of course it’s all my fault as usual to boot so it kind of makes things that much worse.

So at the end of every summer the pool people of the world are faced with the prospect of closing the pool for the season. Funny thing about last season in my world was that I was having severe trouble keeping my pool clear.(Severe algae turning the pool water green) The final straw came the last week of the pool season when son Terence was going to have his friends over that last Friday. I checked the pool the Monday/Tuesday before and it looked great. On the way home Friday night I get the phone call from the Editor. “Why is the pool totally green??!!?!?!” What????

When Terence’s friends came over his friend Paul’s comment was….”I’ve seen worse.” and that my friends was the last straw for the pool last season. I had had enough of pool maintenance and was quote unquote “Done for the year.” There was some additional language as I recall that I have to leave out this being a family friendly blog and all. It was quite colorful as I recall.

So the general rule of thumb in the pool closing world is, “Make sure that when you close your pool it’s good and clear. This way when you go to open it the following spring it will be super easy to get ready.”

So when I went to open my pool this year the water looked like pea soup. The only thing that was missing was little bits of ham and the croutons. It was the worst by far in my 20 year history of opening the pool.

What a disaster. So I tried to fix it this weekend. It’s not going well.

After the not going well part it started to pour rain. I mean it was really coming down. Cats and dogs were coming down.  So I set up what I needed for next weekend for the Hobbit House and met the Editor in Misquamicut, Rhode Island. That was a great idea. We went to this restaurant in Watch Hill that was really nice. We ate outside and watched the sunset. So relaxing. Went to the Rhode Island State beach on Sunday.

A little rest and relaxation did this hobbit house builder a world of good.

I didn’t have the clam chowder though…..I had the pea soup!

Have a great week!

A couple of pictures before I go:

Rhode Island beach
Rhode Island beach
Cool ceiling I saw in Manhatan
Cool ceiling I saw in Manhatan
Georgia stopped by the job this week for a visit. We had lunch together and a tour of the job.
Georgia stopped by the job this week for a visit. We had lunch together and a tour of the job.


2 thoughts on “An Ounce of Prevention…..”

  1. Nice picture of the house. Once the roof greens up a little more it will really fit in. With the reflection on the pond it would make a heck of a jigsaw puzzle.

    • Hey Frank!Thanks for writing. Yeah, I think once it fills in some more this house will really start to look like something. I like the jigsaw puzzle idea. Gotta start cashing in on this thing somehow. Hmmm. Going to have to google jigsaw puzzle companies.

      Hope everything is well!
      Take it easy,


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