Of Socialism and Social Media……Oh Yeah, See If There are Any Nails in the Garage Will Ya!

Strangers from distant lands, friends of old.

You have been summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor,

Middle -Earth stands upon the brink of destruction.

None can escape it.

You will unite or you will fall.

Each race is bound to this fate, this one doom.


The Elven King Elrond speaking on the fate of Middle Earth.


Yes, friends of old. Welcome……is it yet time to save ourselves from ourselves????

Hmmm. One wonders does one not?

Oh yeah, so you all know my son Jude is traveling to work with me for the summer. It’s been really great. I’m not used to having someone to converse with. When he started he was having a little trouble getting going in the morning. But now that he’s been doing it for a few weeks he has really gotten into the groove of things so to speak. He’s actually very animated in the morning. Here he is.

.The morning drive has really changed now that Jude is driving in with me
.The morning drive has really changed now that Jude is driving in with me

Okay. I’m going to finish this post tomorrow. There simply isn’t enough time right now so I’m going to do it Monday night. We have much to talk about.

Thanks for understanding.

So I’m back now Monday evening and we have to rock and roll on this one.

So I’ve told you all about my lack of interest in computers and technology. I mean it’s just not that interesting to me. For years now the Editor has mentioned that I’ve got to get involved with this whole social media thing. You know Face Book, Twitter and the like. I’ve been brushing it off for a while because the house really hasn’t looked like much until now. It really is starting to shape up though and I think finally that people are now going to be able to “get” what it is I’m doing. To make a long story short we were all sitting around and someone says that I should start up an Instagram account. I really have no idea what Instagram is or why on God’s green earth someone would be looking for a Hobbit House on Instagram. Nevertheless an extremely heated debate began over me starting an Instagram account for the Hobbit house. I personally had no say in the matter because ¬†after the whole fight was over I’m still not really sure what Instagram is or why it’s going to work.

The bottom line is this Instagram is a way to show pictures to people. That’s it. There were two opposing arguments over the use of Instagram. Ethan and Terence who both thought it was a stupid idea and were of the opinion that nobody in their right mind would look at my stuff. Then there was The Editor, Georgia , and Jude who thought that social media and all it’s forms should be used to advance our cause. Well maybe not all it’s forms but we should try it and see what happens. After the dust settled I was left in the living room with the Editor, Georgia, and Jude.

I’ll be opening up some sort of Instagram account sometime this week if all goes well. I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to do for me but, hey, I’ve got to give it a shot.

I’m not 100% sure but I think instagram goes a little like this: You post a picture.

Blueberry pancake
Blueberry pancake

And then you put in a funny caption like: Hobbits love their blueberry pancakes!!!!

Like I said. I don’t get it. The Editor , Jude, and Georgia are going to help me though.

I’ve got to speed this up now cause I’m running out of time again.

Went over to the house on Saturday with Terence. We had to use the coil nailer on a couple of items but we ran out of nails. For some reason I thought that I might have another box in the garage. So I sent Terence out there to look through the gang boxes we have out there to see if there was an extra box. Unfortunately what Terence found was a dead raccoon. The whole whiff of death thing hit him pretty hard. I found Terence on all fours dry heaving in the driveway. I’m only kidding. What a stench though. I had to get this critter out of there. I put him on a piece of plywood and carried him out. It was awful. Good thing I can hold my breath for a while. I’ll spare you the picture I took.

So just quick cause I’m out of time here. We started the prep for the bedroom windows. Basically what we have to do is finish the framing so we can nail the plywood jambs into place. Among other things.

Bolt framing into the ceiling
Bolt framing into the ceiling

What I did here is use expansion bolts to secure the top plate to the ceiling. The ceiling framing is connected to this top plate so if this isn’t secured properly it could create a problem for us later on.

Securing the 2x6 vertically.
Securing the 2×6 vertically.

All I did here was nail a vertical 2×4 to the 2×6 and toe nail it to the top plate. I think this is going to work fine for trimming everything out later. There’s one other thing I have to fill in later. We’ll get to it later.

Framing prep begun
Framing prep begun

Well now I’m officially out of time. I’m hoping to set up that Instagram account this week. I’ll let you know how to access it later on this week.

Enjoy your week!

Hobbit Hollow Jim

Tuesday, July 12: Georgia set up my Instagram account this evening. You can follow me on Instagram at hobbithollowjim. Join the adventure.



2 thoughts on “Of Socialism and Social Media……Oh Yeah, See If There are Any Nails in the Garage Will Ya!”

  1. Jim,
    No joke, the 2 guys who started Instagram sold it to Facebook for $1 Billion after 2 years. Here’s the 2nd place story: At the same time, 3 of my former students started Pixable, another photo sharing website. Facebook (Zuckenberg) looked at them, but acquired Instagram instead. My former students then sold it to Singapore Tel for $8.5 Million!! Now, 1 of the 3 speaks to my class every semester. He’s working on his next idea. Point being, like it or not, social media is critical to any venture/business. There are over 1000 startups in NYC alone doing social media-type ventures. My students tell me it’s all about the ‘clicks’! I’m thinking the next step is Airbnb when you are done.

    • Mike. Yeah it is pretty interesting. The whole social media thing. Georgia set up my Instagram account the other day. Hobbithollowjim. I think I have 7 followers so far. The money is insane as far as these apps are concerned or whatever you call them. Your point about the airbnb is well taken though. I think with enough followers it could happen.

      Take it easy,


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