There’s a Large Grub in My House…….Oh Yeah, and Follow Me on Instagram

Stay close young hobbits!

They say a great sorceress lives in these woods.

An Elf-witch of terrible power.

All those who look upon her, fall under her spell……..

And are never seen again.


Gimli the dwarf speaking to the hobbits as they enter the woods of Lothlorien.


Okay, so lets not look at any elf-witches okay fellas? And welcome once more to another installment of the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog. Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope your summer is going well.

Anyway I don’t know how many of you read last weeks blog post. I kinda caught a bit of grief on the home front for the title, “Of Socialism and Social Media.”  You know the whole socialism part. I got blasted on multiple fronts for that one. Terence: “Dad! That doesn’t even make any sense. What does that even mean????!!!!!” And the general consensus was that it was just a stupid title. Okay people I get it. I kinda thought it was just a good little play on words that’s all. You know I’m the poor English student from high school remember? I actually thought that I was going to be able to develop that title into something of interest somehow. I ran out of time though last week and never thought of switching the title out. Oh well. You win some and you lose some.  I really did take quite the beating on that one.

On another note we have a huge grub in our house. I mean this thing is huge……and grubby looking. Terence has mononucleosis and has now officially turned into a house grub. You know one of those disgusting off white grubs you find when you flip over a rock? That’s about his coloring right now. And he just sits there staring. Hopefully he’s getting better though. He was for a while a grub losing weight. Which is very unusual for a grub. I’m sure Sally H. will back me up on that one. Grubs are usually just getting fatter and fatter until they look like they’re going to explode. Then they’re usually eaten by an anteater or a woodpecker or something. I don’t know. Sally H? Or maybe my mother-in-law is out there looking in the woods through the brush to find some to put in her homemade super-sod. Hmmm. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Well our house grub will hopefully be better soon. Still  a little green around the gills though.  I missed that little old grub this weekend over at the house.Even a grub with grubby little hands is better than no grub at all. (Hmmmm. I wonder if Kafka got his idea for the “Metamorphisis” from a sick child.)

So yeah the whole social media thing.  I’m on Instagram, if you are wondering, at hobbithollowjim. If you’re like me than you’re saying to yourself, “Okay what the heck is Instagram and why should I care?” Well I’m really not so sure what it is and I’m really not sure why anyone would care. But it’s social media and that’s how people find out about stuff. I think that’s it in a nutshell whether you or I or anyone else likes it or not. So I think of it as a picture blog in a sense. You just post a picture with a caption and then people like or dislike it. And if you’re lucky they become followers. It’s just looking at pictures.That’s it. The downside is you have to set up an Instagram account. I don’t know how to do that so I can’t help you. If you have a teen or twentysomething in your house have them do it. That’s what I did. (They do come in handy sometimes!)

Man, has work been knocking the you know what out of me. Getting motivated on Saturday mornings has not been easy. Especially when you have such a beautiful creature like the Editor to talk to in the morning. It’s hard to leave.

But leave we must…… even if Terence has turned into a grub. And I know I will get no help….

I spent a lot of time taking pictures for my Instagram account. You know it’s a picture blog so I have to show everyone what it’s all about. Right? Here’s a couple.

Now that's a green roof!
Now that’s a green roof!
Northwest corner.
Northwest corner.

The light beams are pretty cool.

So let’s get back to finishing the framing for the bedroom windows shall we?

Now where were we? Oh yeah the little things. The first order of business was to frame out the opening on the northeast bedroom window. That was pretty simple. I was using the nail gun which makes a huge difference. Check it out.

Northeast corner bedroom faming complete.
Northeast corner bedroom faming complete.

After that I set up in the other bedroom and started getting a few of the little things done in there. I had the whole kit and caboodle to do in there. I’m doing the framing a little differently on this window and it went a lot faster. So that was good.

Framing the northwest bedroom window.
Framing the northwest bedroom window.

It doesn’t seem like much does it. Like I said I had a rough week at work. A few more things

Northeast bedroom from the outside.
Northeast bedroom from the outside.
Front window opened up. 1005 air sealed when closed.
Front window opened up. 100% air sealed when closed.

These things are the real deal.

Caught a picture of this guy in the pond.
Caught a picture of this guy in the pond.

This little guy better watch out. My mother-in-law is somewhere out there looking for grubs. God only knows what else might wind up in her pot.

Have a great week!


PS: Remember: Follow me on Instagram at hobbithollowjim!

2 thoughts on “There’s a Large Grub in My House…….Oh Yeah, and Follow Me on Instagram”

  1. Grubs are the larval or nymph stage of some sort of insect – usually a beetle of some sort. Most animals have two stages of development – embryo and adult. Sometimes that embryo stage happens inside of an egg (birds, reptiles, Monotremes) and sometimes inside of the mother (mammals.) But insects have three or four stages – egg, nymph, [pupa,] adult.

    The largest grubs I find regularly at my house are off-white with red heads. They are Japanese beetle larva. Very destructive in both the adult and nymph (grub) stages. Can’t imagine them looking weight ???? The chickens _love_ them.

    • Hey Sally how’s everything? The whole grub thing is disturbing. My idea was to cut and paste a grub watching tv in our living room so everyone could get a look at how Terance was doing. I mean he was pretty sickly looking. The only problem was when I looked up grubs on the Internet and saw Real pictures of grubs I almost got sick to my stomach. I couldn’t do it to the readers of this little old construction blog.

      Thanks for all your insight as usual!


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