Wow!……That Was the Fastest Weekend on Record

What do you want?

A little more caution from you, that is no trinket you carry.

I carry nothing!

Indeed, I can avoid being seen if I wish but to disappear entirely that is a rare gift.


Aragorn speaking to Frodo after Frodo inadvertently puts on the Ring and disappears at the Inn of the Prancing Pony.


A rare gift. I wish I had the gift of time if you will. I guess we all could use a little bit more of it every now and again. The weekend flew by in record time for me. I had to go into Manhattan Saturday morning to set up the job for our last pour on the Villa and then just made it back home in time to see Terence’s home game. A good one as well. They beat Haldane 20-0.

Sunday rolled around and I went and worked for a few hours on that last window. I’ll show you a few pictures in a minute. I was actually really busy all day Sunday doing various things and then when I was about to set myself down Georgia got on the Skype and ┬átalked to us from Madrid. Soon thereafter Ethan did the same from England. We conferenced called Jude over in Albany as well. Everyone’s doing fine. Whew. Anyway that leaves me no time for the blog. It’s already past 9. So we’ll just go through a couple of pictures of what went on this week.


This is the job across the street from us. I saw this debris box coming down off the building and in my head I’m saying “What the hell are they thinking doing something like this!” Sure enough you can see the mess in the street. They were lucky nothing broke off as it was coming down. Real lucky.

So when I got to the house I realized right away that I had to re-route my power cord. I had the cord running through the rough opening of the last window I have to install.

Power cord through the window
Power cord through the window

This is one of those things that you know is just going to take longer than you would really like it to. And this was no exception. What to do. I have a conduit pipe running from the mechanical room to the outside of the house that I figured I would use for this. Only thing is I have to take the end of the cord apart and get a snake and then pull the cord through the conduit and then reassemble the plug. I used some friendly neighborhood banding wire as a snake. Check it out.

Power cord being pulled through the conduit with some banding wire.
Power cord being pulled through the conduit with some banding wire.

Not a bad idea if I do say so myself.

Anyway after that I worked on the last window. I had to make a header for the window out of an OSHA plank.

Curved header
Curved header
Peeped window opening
Preped window opening

I don’t know what happened people but I’m missing some pictures that I wanted to put in here. I’ll try to get them in here. Hmmmm. Don’t hold your breath though…..and the big debate is tomorrow night so that won’t help.

Well, have a great week and I’ll try to do a better job next weekend.



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