Hey Terence! Can You Give Me A Hand Out Here!

Yes friends of Middle Earth welcome back to the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog! The weeks are really flying by aren’t they.

This weekend was super busy for me. We had  wood flooring installed in our house in our family room this Saturday. Yeah that one. I told the guy I’d prep the floor for him and everything would be ready when he got there. You know ripping out the rug, pulling the staples out, removing the closet doors. Sure enough I had about a  hour and a halfs work to get done Saturday morning. It’s the little things that kill you though. Tearing up the rug wasn’t bad but the staples and nails….what a pain in the neck. Then of course I overlooked the area by the fireplace which was a real disaster. There was a tile job in front of the fireplace originally and I had never really cleaned it up right because we were putting carpet down. Who cares!?!? I had to go in there with a hammer and a cold chisel to get rid of the mortar that was left behind so the wood flooring would sit flat. What a pain in the neck.

The flooring guy showed up at nine thirty and got started. He put in a select pre-finished red oak. What a nice job the guy did. Check it out.

Pre-finished red oak.
Pre-finished red oak.

This was a 3 and a quarter wide oak flooring. It looks really good and has a lot of character.

Oh yeah remember the big branch in my backyard that Terence had mentioned we got to get out of there. Yeah that one. Well Terence had Friday off from school. So I was so happy to see that he had taken some initiative on his day off and went and hung out with friends. That’s right that big branch hasn’t moved an inch.

Anyway it was Terence’s last football game this Saturday. It was really nice. They had a whole bunch of stuff for the senior players there and we got to go out on the field and give him a hug. It was nice. They played well and won soundly. Six and one on the season. Gonna miss those Saturday games T.

So I really didn’t get a chance to get anything done over at the house. The electric company did hook up power and I did connect an outlet Saturday morning so I’ll have juice the next day I go over there. Check it out.

We have juice people!
We have juice people!

On another note the house I actually live in has been the bain of my existence for the last 20 or so years. My latest project is to get a proper walkway light in the front of the house. We have those motion sensor lights there now but they don’t really work so well. Especially when you’re leaving in the dark. You always feel like you are going to fall and break your neck.

The short version here Jim please..

Okay I’ll be brief.

So I’m working on this little project which is really turning into quite the nightmare and I realize I need a little help. I call out to son Terence who is inside getting disgusted with the miserable New York Jets.

Me: Terence! Can You come outside and please give me a hand for a second!

Terence: Sure! Just let me get a piece of banana bread!

Can someone out there please tell me how I’m supposed to react to that one? Who would ever say that? And why do need to get a piece of banana bread right this second? (It was a good banana bread mind you.)

Fat head comes out on the front porch munching on a huge piece of banana bread. Good thing I love this kid so much. He didn’t even bring me a piece. Thanks son.

One more thing. I lost my Dunkin Donuts coffee mug the other week. You know. The one I bring to work every day. Of course I ask my wife and son have they seen it anywhere? But alas it was nowhere to be found. So I went out and bought a new one. Problem solved.

Guess where the lost coffee cup was. In Terence’s car cup holder that’s where. With a nice fuzzy mold growing inside it.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

I think I have to reevaluate my will at this point.

A couple of other pictures for the road.

Next project: Bookshelves.
Next project: Bookshelves.

I kind of like the Dr. Seuss aspect of this.

Columbus Circle from the top of 220 Central Park South.
Columbus Circle from the top of 220 Central Park South.

Pretty cool shot.

Have a good week and don’t forget to vote this Tuesday.

Hobbit Hollow Jim

2 thoughts on “Hey Terence! Can You Give Me A Hand Out Here!”

  1. Hi, Jim.

    Glad to see the new place coming along. And it looks like you got it weathered in just in time so you can work through the winter in relative comfort.

    As for that pile of books — May I suggest something substantial? Cinder blocks and 2x12s should take the weight. Or maybe scaffold planks. 🙂


    • Hey Frank thanks for writing! Yeah I hope to get the skylights installed in the next couple of weeks. That’s the goal as of right now anyway. Then it would be pretty tight.

      As far as the bookshelves are concerned yeah. I think the scaffold planks are the way I’m going to have to go. The wife is probably going to take issue with your cinder block idea. Although I might take that one up as far as my garage is concerned. That’s a mess I’ll be taking on later on this winter I’m sure.

      Thanks again for writing!


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