A Crane Dismantle and a Skylight Revealed.

Welcome fans of Middle Earth! All those that are still stopping by for a look see anyway. Thanks once again for stopping by and for keeping the faith in the mysterious ways of Hobbit House building.

Tis a mystery my friends. It surely is. The air has been full of my own self doubt. Especially after the incident with the hammer and the loss of my left hand. The therapy is helping though although the thumb isn’t what it used to be. The therapist said it would take upwards of a year to heal in full. Wow. Didn’t expect to hear that.

I didn’t expect to be working every weekend down at 220 central park South either. Last weekend I worked Saturday and Sunday taking down the crane for the Villa. This weekend we worked on the roof of 220. Last major pour people.Tthis heinous job is almost over. Praise God! We’re hoping to pour the roof on Tuesday.

So as you might have gleaned not much has gone on over at the old Hobbit House homestead.

Yet hope remains……..while company is true.

I stopped over there to have a look see. We really aren’t that far from making the dream a reality. Just a lot of little projects. (Well, some not so little.) I’m thinking of getting some help as well with a few items too.

You ever here of a comic strip called the Far Side by Gary Larsem? Well  if you haven’t that’s too bad. Some of his stuff was really funny. It was just a single picture with a caption. He drew his characters a certain way.

I guess you’re wondering where in the hell I’m going with this one right?

I know. Where am I going?

So I’m going to walk up the stairs at the job and as I turn the corner to go into the stairwell there’s this huge guy in a raincoat with one of those Glouster fisherman’s hats on just standing there on the landing. He’s got big black horned rim glasses on that are kind of fogged up and he has this “Far Side” grin on his face and has messed up teeth. And he’s kind of looking at me as I turn the corner. I keep going to the other set of stairs and say to myself “Wow! That was right out of the Far Side that guy was. I couldn’t think of a caption at that moment. All I could think of was what the heck is that giant doing on the stair landing….and why does he have that grin on his face?

It was just really weird ok…..and a little creepy.

Hmmm. I guess you had to be there.

It really was weird though I gotta tell you.

Anyway hopefully I won’t have to work downtown next weekend and we can try and get something done over at the house.

A few pictures from the last week.

Crane pick coming out of the clouds.
Taking the boom off of the Villa crane.
I took the cover off of the skylight that was over it for the winter.
A snow covered Hobbit.

Have a great week!


I hope I don’t bump into that guy on the stair landing this week. I’m telling  ya, it was right out of the “Far Side”

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