Is This Okay????……..Hey! Why Don’t We Rent Mopeds!!!!

Whoa! What’s up Jim? Where’ve you been the last year and a half??? Just for the record I’ve been extremely busy and been doing battle with this God awful computer! Laptop and desktop. It’s like a total double whammy. Okay people so just bear with me and have a little sympathy for the guy who’s just too lazy to go to Best Buy and see the geeks over at the Geek Squad. I know it’s all my fault I get it. Someday, sometime, somewhere I’m going to fix this thing so I’m over and done with it. And I’m not saying I’m going to do it now either. I want to get aggravated even more than I am now. How do you like that!!!!

Hey Jim?


Are you done yet?

Yes, I’m done alright. At least for now.

Hey. And Thanks for stopping by to all of you who are reading this. I’m really glad you’re here. I’ve been kinda getting frustrated with the whole computer thing and all. Really a minor detail in the scheme of things. We all have bigger things to worry and get aggravated about I know. So I apologize for the lack of posting over the last couple of weeks.

A couple of unrelated items before we get to the Hobbit.

So you ever been to the beach before? You know like a public beach? I mean it gets crowded right? So you try to get there early so you get a good spot and set up your camp. You know, so you can spread out a bit so other beachgoers don’t invade your personal space. I mean you know it’s going to get crowded but you don’t want someone to be right on top of you. What is it with some people and their invasion of your personal space? Why don’t some people get it? I mean it’s America right? Ya gotta give the guy next to you at least 3 or 4 feet. Right?

The Editor and I get to the beach at 830 and set up our camp. We’re the first ones on the beach. It was great. After a while people start coming in and it’s starting to fill up. I mean this weekend was perfect beach weather. Then  all of a sudden this old couple puts their blanket right on top of ours. I mean I’m talking 15 inches away. There’s plenty of room everywhere and they plop down basically right on top of us. I mean this guys feet were right where my head is going to be in an hour when I want to take my nap. So annoying. Then the next day same thing. I set up my beach umbrella and then a few hours later a huge group sets down right next to us. The guy sets up his chair in the shade of my umbrella!!! Then he asks. “Is it okay? The bubble over my head is “If you get any closer you’re going to be in my lap!”(There was something else in the bubble over my head but this is a family friendly blog.) Then I hear the Editor chime in, “Oh that’s fine! Thanks for asking!” My head almost spun off. I mean if you have to ask if something is fine and you’re a grown man you know it’s not fine. End of story.

Moral of the story. People are annoying.

Oh yeah, and we went over to Block Island a couple of weeks back as well with the whole family. What a great time we had. One of the things we wanted to do was rent mopeds and ride around the island on a nice morning. Such a beautiful island. Anyway we rent the mopeds and go through the safety stuff and all. It’s a little tricky, I have to admit. So the whole time while we’re driving around the Editor is on the seat behind me saying how worried she is about one of the kids crashing and getting hurt. I was like: Are you crazy nobody’s going to crash!!Guess who crashed?


And guess who was on the seat behind me when I crashed?

The Editor.

I’m such an idiot. I mean I really am.  Of course it happened about 5 minutes before we brought the mopeds back to the rental place. Not going to go into the play by play right now people. I was just trying to make the turn before I had to stop for that car that was coming towards me up ahead. Bad move. I hit the only concrete curb on the whole island. Unbelievable. We went flying. The moped landed on my ankle. I’m still in pain two weeks later. Didn’t break anything though. And the Editor seems no worse for wear. Thank God.

Landed on my shoulder area.

My true dopey colors came out as you can see. Hey! Riding mopeds on Block Island is fun!! I wish I had the time to go into every single thing that went through my head in about a second and a half. The human brain. It’s incredible. I’d still be writing.

Let me show you a few things from the house.

Terence set up the furring strips for the north side of the house

I’ll try and get some more detail next week so you can see exactly what we did.

Georgia started painting the trim so it’s all ready to go when we install it.
Terence loses his head while installing the furring strips

I found it for him later on and reattached it.

I had Terence and Georgia start the walkway path we need to get up to the roof patio.

If you notice Georgia and the Editor painted the skylight trim.

Up the roof we go.
Georgia doing the heavy lifting
Setting the base.
Getting the grade right.

Well. I have a whole bunch of other stuff to tell you but it’s going to have to wait til next week. Hope to see you then!


PS. Dropped Terence off at Manhattan College Thursday, as well. Starting his freshmen year. Wow.

Good luck T!!!!


6 thoughts on “Is This Okay????……..Hey! Why Don’t We Rent Mopeds!!!!”

  1. Jim

    The house is looking great and I’ve been enjoying your blog for sometime now (usually when I need a break in the action at CPS, Ha!). Hope you are well on the mend from your moped adventure.

    All the best,


    • Hey how’s it going Ryan. I didn’t know you were following along. I really should stop by over there but your buddies at Lend Lease are driving me nuts with this elevator protection issue. It’s a worthy cause though after what happened.

      Thanks for writing and following along. And good luck finishing that job off. It’s the nicer of the two in my opinion.
      See you sooner or later,

  2. Jim,
    First the thumb and now the moped injuries? Take it easy! If I remember correctly, your dad went to Manhattan? I know your nephew went there because I saw him pitch a few times when I was working in the Bronx.
    House is coming along great, congrats!

    • Yeah Mike. I’m telling you. Being me seems to be getting tougher and tougher. I can’t even imagine what life is going to be like when I hit my “Golden Years.” I should probably start putting money away for a wheelchair. Or by the looks of it a coffin. I hope to God I can at least finish this Hobbit house. Then at least I can die in peace.

      Sorry about the ranting. Thanks for writing. I hope all is well with you and your family Mike.

      Let me know when you’re in the neighborhood.We have to go out for dinner or lunch or something.
      Hope you had a great summer,

  3. Welcome back! Glad to see you enjoyed your vacation. Come on now, admit it, you did enjoy it, and nothing bruised seriously except your pride. What can I say? We’ve all “been there, done that” getting our pride bruised that is, at least I have. Hobbit house is really starting to look good. The lush vegetation is really something. What was it one of your son’s friends said? “This place is mystical”, or something like that. He might have a point. Good to see that you have your entire family pitching in. God bless and best wishes,…………….john

    • Hey John! Thanks for writing. I’m glad your enjoying the blog and the house. Yeah. Stubborn pride. I almost let that accident ruin the last day of my vacation. My wife snapped me out of it though. (It was quite embarrassing. Especially when the kids pulled up to the accident site and saw me lying on the ground next to the wife.) Still trying to live that down. They won’t let me. Anyway. Stay tuned. I’m hoping to get the front door trim installed this weekend if all goes well.

      Take care!


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