A Nor’Easter…………Ten Bucks a Week is a lot of Money Over Six Years

Be careful, both of you.

The enemy has many spies in his service, birds and beasts…….

Is it safe?

Never put it on, for the agents of the Dark Lord will be drawn to its power.

Always remember, Frodo, the Ring is trying to get back to its master.


Gandalf giving Frodo and Samwise instructions before leaving them as they set out for Bree with the Ring of Power in tow.


Hmmm. Many spies you say. Yes people there are people spying the Hobbit House as well. It is a pleasure to look at….worth the drive and the look. And welcome again friends of old, strangers from distant lands. We are slowly but ever so surely getting there people. Getting real close.

I had a realtor stop by the house Tuesday before the storm. Had a nice long conversation about selling the Hobbit. It went well. Thinking of putting it on the market sometime in May. First of June by the latest. We decided to leave a lot of the finishes off the finish list if you will. It’s a strange house. Floors, tile, countertops, fixtures, paint, trim. They are all so personal. Now you can personalize the finishes in your very own Hobbit house. They get a credit for those items and have at it. It makes it simple. Bunch of leg work involved on my end but I think it’s for the best.

So yeah we had a Nor’easter slam us last week with wind and a second Nor’easter slam us this week  with a heavy snow. We were one of the lucky few who didn’t lose power with the first storm. My in laws didn’t have electrical service for over a week. Trees and wires down everywhere. Check out some of these snow pictures.

16 inches or so from the Nor’easter.
Once the sun came out the day after the storm it was gorgeous.
Skylights covered.

So I know I’ve never told you this but I’ve been making “payments” to my mother-in-law for quite a while now. You know cause I use the bathroom over at her house when I have to. She’s been charging me $10 a week. I’ve been putting money in a special fund to cover the expense. Do the math people. $10 dollars 52 weeks a year for 6 years that’s over $3000. We would meet in a little coffee shop in town and I would give her an “envelope” labeled “vacation rentals”.  The conversation would go along something like this.

Mother-in-Law: So. You find any interesting vacation rentals in Florida this week?

Me: (Sliding the envelope across the table.) Yeah. There’s a few in here I think you’ll find interesting.

Mother-in-Law: Yeah. I always look forward to the stuff you find. (Big cheshire cat smile crosses her face.)

I’m not meeting her this week though. There’s been a recent development that has altered our meeting plans.

Temporary toilet installed at the Hobbit.

Oh yeah!!!!! Nice right? Now I just have to make sure I lock the door every night. Little old ladies who are supplementing their social security income with “envelope payments” don’t take kindly to anybody messing with their “Kool aid” so to speak. (Especially Italians ones.) Gotta watch out for sabotage. I don’t want to get a call about something “Leaking” in the house.

I’ll have to go to the mattresses if that happens. It will get ugly fast. Believe me.

Hobbit house construction right? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be talking about.

Worked on a bunch of stuff this week. Not much to show for it and I didn’t really take many pictures so I apologize for that as well. Hmmm. I did get the cabinets in. I have a bunch of little odds and ends to do though. Crown molding, yada yada yada. Couple pictures.

Assembling the pantry and the cabinet over the frig.

I had to assemble the whole thing temporarily in order to get a measurement for the filler that goes against the wall. Was quite an ordeal.

Cleaned up the house nice for real estate purposes.

I also got the siding going on the North side. Hopefully getting the interior doors this week as well. A lot of little odds and ends I hope to get done this week coming. Also looking to buy the electric hot water heater. Very interesting little unit I’ll be getting. I also have to call the bluestone guy this week. I think the snow might have messed him up.

Like Gandalf was saying. The enemy has many spies. Watch out for little old ladies walking around the Hobbit house late at night.

See you all next week.







4 thoughts on “A Nor’Easter…………Ten Bucks a Week is a lot of Money Over Six Years”

  1. Jim,

    Wow, didn’t know you were going to sell. Airbnb, weekenders up from the city, long-term rental, things like that. Selfishly, I have to return before the sale to see the finished product.

    Always remember, leave the gun and take the cannolis…….


    • Yeah. Gotta find a good place to hide the gun. I gotta learn Italian too. Maybe I’ll just watch that scene a couple times. See if I get any great ideas. Yeah Mike. Know anyone interested in buying a Hobbit House? So I’m looking to sell it to a rich Manhattanite couple or single person looking for a weekend home. Trying to get an article written in the New York Times real estate section. Hopefully before it goes on the market.

      Hope all is well. Thanks for keeping in touch!


  2. Son-in-Law,
    You better go to the mattresses I still have connections with the old guys,oh and by the way your a few short on the envelopes, well for sure with your new regal seat I’ll save some money on TP.

    My that was some storm,you could see the amount of snow very good in that picture you took. I will be glad to see this winter end, the place is looking good maybe some day you’ll sell it and take the old lady on a world cruise ha ha ha could you see that us on a boat for a month quess who would make it back.

    Love ya

    • Mother-in-Law: One of us would definitely not be getting off that boat at the end of the cruise. Yeah. i hope the winter ends soon. i can’t believe we’re getting more snow tomorrow. Unbelievable!

      Love you

      Hmmm. You don’t have any cannoli in the house do you????


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