Hobbit Hollow For Sale!!!!!

Yes people the time has finally come! We are going to have a public open house on Saturday May 19th rain or shine from 10am to 4pm! So if you happen to be in the neighborhood or are interested in seeing what a real Hobbit House looks and feels like drop on by. Everyone is welcome and of course there will be food. Hobbits love to eat for all you non Lord of the Ring fans out there. We’ll be serving elevensies, lunch, tea, and supper. Only kidding but we will have sandwiches and a few other things to munch on as long as they last. It really depends on how many Tooks and Brandybucks show up. They tend to eat a bit more than the average Hobbit. If more Boffins and Bagginses show then there should be plenty for everyone. Hmmmm. At least I hope so.

In all seriousness though if you are interested in checking the house out on that date you can email me for the address at jimcostigan@xccllc.com

It’s very exciting. I have a lot to do before that time but we’ll do the best we can to get the house as ready as possible. A nice warm sunny day would be terrific. The next two weeks should see quite a bit of the outside being completed. The bluestone for the roof patio and walkways is getting delivered Wednesday. The stone mason had a bad weather week last week so I’m hoping that we get some decent weather so that he can finish up on the roof. That’s kind of critical for the open house.

Worked on a bunch of things this weekend. I installed the closet doors and had Ethan and my nephew Travis work on clearing and cleaning up the property. It’s a lot of work. I think we have at least another two days on the outside. It’s coming along nice though. Here they are having at it.

Ethan and Travis cleaning up the site.

Travis also helped grade the walkway paths to receive the bluestone.

Grading out the roof patio area for stone.

The young lad did a heck of a job!

I also set up the electric out by the garage area so we have temp power for when we start the garage. I ran a 10/2 wire out there and used a 30 amp breaker in the panel. Tried the skill saw and it seemed to work fine. I could have ran like 4 extension cords to get power but I might not have gotten the juice I need out there. This way my set up is quick and easy.

On another note I had a squirrel get into my attic at home. What a pain in the neck. I don’t have time to get into it right now but I have a trap set on the roof.

Gotta go.

See ya soon.


4 thoughts on “Hobbit Hollow For Sale!!!!!”

  1. Hi Jim, The site is really looking good, especially now that Spring seems to finally be making an appearance. Sadly, I will not be in the New York area for the 19th, so I will have to enjoy the pictures. I will, however, try to spread the word as far as getting you some helpful press coverage. It’s not everyday that a quality Hobbit style house comes on the market! As always, best wishes……………john

    • Hi John. Well if you’re in the neighborhood, so to speak, let me know and I’ll give you a private tour. Thanks for writing. Believe me it has helped for morale. As far as getting the word out I need all the help I can get. It is a strange home but is unique in its own special way. I hope it’s not to hard to find the right buyer who really appreciates what I put into this home. We’re gonna find out. Hopefully sooner than later.

      Thanks one more time.


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