A Few Pictures for Those Interested….And a Thank You…..(Plus a couple of links it you’re interested)

I figured this would be the easiest way for anyone interested to look at some photos!

On a personal note. I’d like to thank everyone who followed along on this Unexpected Journey with me and my family. It was a pleasure writing and receiving comments from everyone along the way! I hope you enjoyed or got my sense of humor…..hmmm….if not maybe you learned a few things about the fine art of building a hobbit house. I sure did.

Thanks again!


PS: A few links here if you’re interested as well! Enjoy!












Changed the lanterns out front. I like these ones a lot better.

16 inches or so from the Nor’easter.







9 thoughts on “A Few Pictures for Those Interested….And a Thank You…..(Plus a couple of links it you’re interested)”

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  2. Hi Jim, I thought I’d check out your site, and I see that you are now thinking of doing the finishing work after the new year. I look forward to seeing some new posts, but feel bad that you were not able (as of yet) to market the Hobbit House. In any event, may you and your family enjoy a very merry Christmas, and best wishes for the new year.

    • Hi John! Thanks for writing. I just looked at the site the other day and saw that you wrote so sorry for the delayed response. I hope all is well. Yeah. Selling a hobbit house isn’t the easiest thing to do. I knew that going into it. Perhaps I was not meant to sell it…..Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. An encouraging thought. So who knows where all this winds up in the end. I’m proceeding to finish the house and am seriously considering opening it up as an Air b and b. I think I have to give that a six month shot and see if that works.

      I can’t promise any posts though. It really took a toll on me to be honest.

      All the best to you and your family for the upcoming year John! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

      • Hi Jim, I wasn’t thinking of routine weekly posts, I can certainly see how that would be a burden, in addition to working on the house and also having a real job….but maybe every once in a while, sort of a “proof of life” post. In any event, If you do decide to go the Air b&b route, please post about it, I can’t guarantee anything except that I will re-post it on social media and perhaps help you get a few rentals. As always, best wishes to you and your family……………..john

        • Hi John. Thanks for writing as usual. Apologies for not responding. I really don’t check the website any more. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe once I finish the inside I’ll post a few pictures and give you a rundown on what I did and why. No promises though. I’m hoping to have the interior finished by the end of April beginning of May. Working on the floor right now. It’s a big job. My sons did most of the work.

          I hope all is well.

          Best wishes,

  3. Hi Jim, Nice pictures, glad to see you are getting some press coverage. Thought you might like to know that Amazon, in a $250 million deal with the Tolkien estate is planning on producing a five season long tv series based on events before the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit. So I guess that means the Silmarillion! Best wishes, hope all is well…………john

    • Hi John! Yeah I did get a bit of press coverage. I don’t know what you saw but there were quite a few articles about the house as well as some TV coverage. I’ll send what I can through my personal email. Look for my name.

      Hope all is well with you too! It’s been quite warm up here as of late. Hope you are staying cool and have enjoyed the summer.

      We have heard about the whole Amazon thing. Hopefully they will do a good job!

      Take care and thanks for writing as always!!

  4. Hello! My son & I were having breakfast in Pawling and saw the tail end of the News 12 story at the diner. We drove right over to see the house. It is cool. Really cool. The details are beautiful. You found a lovely location and used it to your advantage. It inspired conversations about sledding down the roof, mowing the lawn, and parking the pony. It also inspired conversations about energy consumption, self-reliance, and creativity and problem solving through engineering. Good luck and many thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you liked the house. There is a lot there that’s above and beyond the Lord of the Rings.
      Thanks for leaving a comment!


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