Happy Father’s Day!!!…..Hmmm…Never heard the Tractor Make that Noise Before

Hello again  free folk of Middle Earth! Especially all you fathers out there. I hope you enjoyed your Father’s  Day. I certainly did. Ethan put together a notebook of nearly all the Construction Blog Posts. What a gift! It was fun looking back on everything we did together. Really fun.

We had beautiful weather in the Northeast this weekend. No news on the selling of the Hobbit house. Patience is a virtue people. Gotta be patient.

Like I said last week the blog is winding down. I’m actually  having trouble loading my pictures into my blog library. Something is wrong and I haven’t had time to figure it out.

So as a Father you’ve kinda sorta have done it all on a number of fronts over the years. You know like cutting the lawn. So as the kids got older they took over the cutting of the lawn for me. But even though they were taking care of it you always have your ears open for strange noises. or sudden stoppages. Especially of the motor. Like when you run over a stone or a log. The motor usually stops with an extremely loud bang when you hit a big rock or tree branch. You’re supposed to go around those things or stop, get off the lawnmower and throw them into the woods. Right???

Yeah that’s right Jim.

Yeah that’s the usual procedure.

So Terence was cutting the lawn. And I’ve never heard a ride on lawn mower actually scream in my 35 or so years of cutting lawns. Not only did the lawn mower scream but it screamed a second time when he started it up again. There’s some sort of English lit. thing about giving physical attributes to inanimate objects.   Not sure what the word is. But when you hear a lawnmower scream like it was a human being you stand up. I was definitely standing! It actually scared the hell out of me. Luckily after all was said and done the mower started again.

And as Terence drove by while I was sipping my Father’s Day gin and tonic I could of sworn I heard the lawn mower say,”Get him off me!”

Weird right?

Have a great week!

Thanks for listening.


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