There goes the 10th….just a quick update this week.

I was really hoping to pour the walls the 10th of August…but that  will not be happening. Yes, I had to work all day in Queens this Saturday. What a bummer.I was a bit distraught at first. But I got over it.It’s like a friend of mine said to me. Without my job I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing as far as building this Hobbit house. Life goes on.

What did Gandalf say ” All you have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given you,” or something to that effect. Still, I wish there was more time.

I did reserve a picture of the dreaded Northeast corner for you all. I was able to put a couple of panels up following the rock as I went last Sunday. Once the panels are in place I’m going to have to patch the bottoms so concrete won’t come out during the pour. I’m also going to brace this part of the wall and tie it to the pins in the rock on the other side of the formwork. I don’t know if you remember but the concrete forms are tied to each other with flat ties. At the dreaded Northeast corner there isn’t a form matching the ones I put up here.(So a flat tie cannot be used.) That is why we are going to have a special bracing detail for this section of the wall. Check out what I did so far.

Formwork at the Dreaded Northeast Corner.
Formwork at the Dreaded Northeast Corner.

 Patching this formwork will not be easy. Hopefully next weekend will bring good weather. If we have a good weekend maybe we will make the pour for the 17th of August.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this Hobbit house isn’t going to be either.

Have a pleasant week.


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