Georgia Graduates……Check Out those Legs!

Hello again free folk of Middle Earth! I’m glad you could make it back!

Hmmm. Had to go somewhere this weekend and as you could see by the title my darling daughter, Georgia graduated from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts this weekend! What an accomplishment. She did really well too.

Georgia now has a degree in Art and will be getting a Teaching degree this fall after she finishes her student teaching. We’re very proud of her and all that she has done. Oh yeah and Georgia’s artwork was being shown at Gallery 51 in North Adams, Mass. It was pretty cool. Her work is all about fish. Check it out.



Within the Current
Within the Current

A bit crooked sorry about that G. Here’s a picture of us in front of her work. One painting sold too!

Georgia's art at Gallery 51 in North Adams Mass.
Georgia’s art at Gallery 51 in North Adams Mass.

One graduation picture to go.

Graduation Day!
Graduation Day!

Great weather and a great time we had.

Of course this being a Hobbit house blog it would unfortunate if we didn’t mention a thing about Hobbits or the like.

Oh yeah, just a quick story. Bear with me here.

So we finished up at the graduation and were heading back across campus and at one point  the boys sat down on a bench under a tree. So I don’t know how many years ago but it was a while ago ( Maybe 7 years?) we went to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum. In this museum there is a picture of the big three: Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. So in front of the picture are three chairs so you can mimic the big three’s poses. So the boys sat down and posed like them and we took the picture. Yada, yada, yada. Anyway, one of them was reminiscing about that for some reason so they tried to remember the poses. Now you have to remember they’re wearing shorts. All of a sudden  this woman comes up to them while they’re sitting there and says: “Would you mind if I take a picture of you all? Huh? Can you cross your legs like you were just doing? Huh, sure?” Click….and then she leaves…….Was that the weirdest thing ever? I think this woman might have had a hairy leg fetish. She was all alone too. Completely bizzare. We were all left standing there feeling like huh? What the heck just happened?

Just backtracking a bit. The wife and I were up early Saturday morning. I wanted to ride up to the top of Mount Greylock. It’s the highest peak in Massachusetts. We drove up there on parents weekend when Georgia was a freshman  and the views are unbelievable. It was closed Sat. morning though. Anyhow, after graduation I asked the boys if they would mind going up there before we headed home. So we drove up. There’s a war memorial at the top that is right out of the Lord of the Rings handbook. Check it out.

War Memorial on top of Mount Greylock.
War Memorial on top of Mount Greylock.

Definitely reminded me of some sort of watchtower from the LOTR. Pretty cool, an awesome structure. Like I said check out these veiws.

Views from atop Mount Greylock.
Views from atop Mount Greylock.

When you’re up there you definitely feel the vastness of the United States. If you ever get the chance it’s definitely worth the ride up to see this place.

The Hobbit house took a backseat this weekend but we’ll be back next week to continue our endeavor.

Enjoy your week!

Hobbit Hollow Jim

2 thoughts on “Georgia Graduates……Check Out those Legs!”

  1. Hey Mike! Thanks for writing. I hope all is going well with your big move to the Sunshine state. Been swamped at work the last three or so weeks. A ton of overtime nearly everyday. I can’t believe you went up to Mount Greylock. It’s definitely worth the trip.

    Good luck with your move and I wish you and your wife all the best down there.

    Yeah 3 to go. Ethan just got back from a road trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He wants to open a Waffle House….Oh boy here we go.

    Good luck and don’t get too much sun….Oh yeah and watch out for those white trash New Yorkers who moved down there from Oniontown.


  2. Congrats to Georgia and Parents!
    3 more to go!
    Greylock is a cool place, especially in the Fall. Whenever I worked in Pittsfield, I would take the drive north to go there.


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