A December Snow……..The Dwarves Time at hobbit Hollow has come to Pass.

Welcome friends to another edition of the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog! Had a little snow the other day and had to go out back to fetch a snow shovel from the Hobbit shed. Took a picture of it.

First seasons snow on my Hobbit shed.

The proportions of this shed seem a little more in tune with the movie than the house. If you’re into the whole micro house thing this size place would probably work fine. It fits into the hill nice.

My apologies from the get go people. I’ll have to make this one short and sweet.

The Dwarves work on the exterior is now complete. Wow. What a nice job they did. It took some time but the final results are very satisfying I must say. I really haven’t been to the house much as of late so I haven’t been able to take some really good pictures of the stonework. It came out really nice though. Something that you can actually stand back and take a good look at and marvel at the craftsmanship that went into it. A lot of time as well. Very cool. A few pictures.

I meet with Scott the stonemason Saturday and talked to him about the fireplace. He said he should be able to get to it sometime in January. That would be awesome.

The hour is late and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard to seek the council of Saurman the White.

For that is why you have come……..

……..and I must be going now..

…..until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “A December Snow……..The Dwarves Time at hobbit Hollow has come to Pass.”

  1. Hi Jim, Stonework looks great – you picked the right stonemason, he really knows his craft. Here’s a couple of items you might find interesting: There is a “Hobbit Motel” on the North Island of New Zealand…they also have other accommodations like a converted WWII cargo plane, etc…pretty cool. Check out Woodlyn Park New Zealand. Also, and this is likely more up your alley, there is now an American manufacturer of certified Passivhaus windows, https://thinkalpen.com/passive-house. I’m afraid that prices are still somewhat steep, but if a few other companies get into it, competition might make them more reasonable. Best wishes, and merry Christmas……john


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