Of Construction Blogging………..Johnny Fontaine is Not Going to Get the Part

Friends of old, strangers from distant lands!! Welcome to another addition of the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog!

Pleased to meet you. So glad you regulars have made it back. For those of you who are looking in at the blog for the first time my apologies. It is a construction blog but probably not in the true sense of the word. To be honest I’ve never even read a construction blog or any other blog for that matter. Not that I don’t talk of or explain the ways of Hobbit house building and construction techniques I use in building a Hobbit House. I kind of veer off the path if you will and lose myself in tangential stories completely unrelated to the world of construction. Usually it winds up being about some stupid incident I was involved with in one way shape or form. Sometimes it’s some crazy thought passing into one ear and coming out of the other. Which happens to me more than i’d like anyone to know. It’s okay though. The Lord of the Rings nerd in me leads me whichever way it wants to take me. Very little control over that part of my brain.

The holidays. Everyone has officially landed back home from hither and yon. Georgia from Madrid, Ethan from California, Jude and Terence from their respective colleges. The Editor and I picked Georgia up from JFK airport Saturday around 7:30. Traffic was ridiculous. Where in the heck are all these people going? The New York Metropolitan area traffic. It’s totally out of control. But I digress…..

It’s always tough getting things done after Thanksgiving. You pretty much got to give in to it. There’s way too much to get done. I actually did go out and pick up a few things I need for the house. But as far as working over at the house that was not part of the equation this weekend. Kinda knew that was going to happen.

So like I was saying the blog goes off in a different direction every once in a while.

You ever see the movie “The Godfather”? You know the original one with Marlon Brando.

Like there’s another Godfather movie Jim?

What do I look like an Almanac???

If you’ve never seen it it is a classic.So in the movie this guy Johnny Fontaine, a singer slash movie star wants this role in an upcoming movie that would be perfect for him. It’s like the perfect part. It would make him a star. The producer slash executive says he won’t give Johnny the part because Johnny messed with his girlfriend a few years back. So he’s mad at Johnny and he will never get the part and the exec knows it’s perfect for Johnny. So Johnny goes to the Godfather and asks him to see if he can help him get the part.

So the Godfather sends his consigliere  out to “talk” to the producer. So they chat and during the chat the producer shows the consigliere his prized horse which he bought for $600000. Now this is in the late 40’s so that’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money today too!

Where we going with this Jim?

Hang in there. There’s gold at the end of the rainbow.

So the producer tells the consigliere that he’ll never give the part to Johnny Fontaine. Never. And that he’s not afraid of the Godfather and his people. The consigliere tells him that’s too bad.

So the scene cuts to the next morning in the producers bedroom. He wakes up and notices something wet on his hands. He pulls the covers back and there is the head of his prized horse in the bed with him. He starts screaming hysterically.

Johnny gets the part in the film.

So the other nite I went to bed and pulled the covers up to my chin. Then I noticed something wet on my hand and kind of solid. So just like the producer in my head I’m thinking what the hell is wet on my bed. I get out of bed and flick the light on. To my absolute horror I see that the cat has thrown up a fur ball right where I sleep and I’ve stuck my hand in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I start screaming hysterically.

That my friends is a true story. The screaming included.

It was too long Jim….way too long.

If you saw the movie you’d think it was funny. Actually, I just googled “horse head scene from the godfather.” I was screaming just like the producer. It really is a visual. If you get a minute check it out.

The point is is after this happened to me I thought of that scene in “The Godfather”. And that’s why the blog is kind of fun.


Oh well. Johnny Fontaine got the part and I got to clean up a fur ball.

So Ethan went out to California. He wanted to see the redwoods. Check out this picture.

The Forrest Moon of Endor

He said they say one of the trees they believe is 1500 years old. Almost as old as a Numenorean King.

Oh yeah on a side note. My Father-in-Law stopped in from Arizona the other day. Asked me if I wanted a beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker so I took a pass. His idea of a beer and most peoples idea of a beer are two different things. check it out.

Father-in-Law having “a” beer.

It’s a generational thing…..and those are just the emptys!

Enjoy your week!!!

Hobbit hollow Jim



4 thoughts on “Of Construction Blogging………..Johnny Fontaine is Not Going to Get the Part”

  1. Son-in-law,
    Your father-in-law asked me to respond to your latest blog,since he doesn’t have any way to do it.He asked me do they have cameras in every room? I see Mike has the answer to that. Got to keep an eye on you with that smartphone.

    He also reminded me you will be working on the H0bbit House,so I had better stock up on toilet paper.

    Love ya

    • So much good stuff in that movie. Have a great Christmas Mike and say hello to everyone in your family for me.

      Now I just need someone to make me an offer I can’t refuse on the Hobbit House!

      Take it easy,


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