A Few Pictures and a Quick Update.

The Ring passed to Isildur who had this one chance to destroy evil forever.

But the hearts of men are easily corrupted.

And the Ring of Power has a will of it’s own.

It betrayed Isildur to his death.


And some things that should have not been forgotten were lost…..


Welcome again free folk of Middle Earth and all those who haven’t a clue as to what a hobbit is or why the hearts of men are easily corrupted. For the knowledge of Middle Earth is not really necessary to enjoy this little old construction blog that I have going on here. I guess that’s the beauty of it. Thanks for stopping by. It’s always appreciated.

A funny thing happened to me at work this week. Well, not really funny but unusual none the less. I was across the street from the job on 59th street the other day. You know just sort of looking up at it and checking out what we had going on. It’s actually a good vantage point. You know across the street. You can kind of see a whole bunch off things going on simultaneously. So after I was done I went to cross the street. I look both ways and everything looks good so I step off the curb and take a step and as I do I turn back to look to my left, (You know the whole look left,right, left thing.) and there’s this pizza delivery guy on a bicycle bearing down on me at like 50 miles per hour. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happened so fast I couldn’t even get out of the way.  I put up my hands and he slammed on his brakes. I think my handprint went onto somebody’s pepperoni pizza. That was a close one. I really never even saw the guy. Imagine me calling up the Editor from the emergency room and explaining that one.

Kind of my fault.

I was so mad (Really at myself ) I opened the pizza box and took a good slice of pepperoni!

I’m only kidding. I was so shaken up I just walked away without saying a single word. I think work is getting to me.

So for Christmas the kids got the Editor and I Mets tickets for Sunday May 1st. So the plan was to go down to the Holiday Inn across from Citi Field and spend the night. A great plan I might add but the game and all cut into the blog time for this weekend so I’m going to keep this one short. The Mets lost but had their chances a few times but couldn’t put a string of timely hits together. We had a good time watching the game though.

So we’ll just run through a few pictures and hopefully I’ll have a little more time next week for blogging.

Beaver dam on Old 55
Beaver dam on Old 55

I just had to take a picture of this. How often do you get to see one of these?

So I got off to a late start this weekend. I needed to decompress from the workweek and the pizza burn on my left hand.

So the only thing I really wanted to get done over at the house this weekend was the framing for the bathroom window on the North side of the house.  The framing was done incorrectly so I had to tear it out and reframe it. Not such a big deal really.

So what I wanted was to have natural light throughout the house. The mechanical room and the common bathroom are the only places that don’t have some natural lighting. So I put a fixed window in the master bathroom. Let me show you.

Master bath window
Master bath window

I transferred the window outline with the appropriate spacings onto the plywood and cut out a template for later on. Pretty simple. Then I fixed the framing for the window and set myself up for the next time I come back.

Bath window to go in upper opening.
Bath window to go in upper opening.
From the outside.
From the outside.

Smoke rises from the mountain of Doom. The hour grows late and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isenguard  seeking my council.

For that is why you have come, is it not?

My old friend.

Till next week!






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  1. Son-in-law,you sure have been blessed,with great kids and a great mother-in-law,so whats a tortillas or two between family.
    I can’t get over how great the windows look,it’s really looking better and better.
    And no fooling around son- in law,your kids are great and so are you.Hope you enjoyed your day

    love ya,


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