Oh! You Forgot to Pick Up One of the Signs!!!….

All that is gold does not glitter.

Not all who wander are lost.

The old that is strong does not wither.

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.


Of Aragorn….


So. Where were we friends of Middle Earth and other free folk of the civilized world? Oh yeah. Trying to figure a way to avoid being in the same room with my Mother-in-Law. It ain’t easy people. Trust me. I have a plan though. I’ll explain later.

So it really is the end of the line here people. What an adventure. A lot of hard work too I might add. I’d like to thank everyone for tuning in all these years. I hope you’ve enjoyed my sense of humor. Hmmmm. Yeah, maybe not. If I didn’t get through to you on that front I hope that maybe you learned something about the construction process and the fine art of Hobbit House building. I learned quite a bit.

I don’t know if there’s much else left to write about but for those of you keeping up with things the Hobbit House will be featured in JLC (The Journal of Light Construction) magazine in the July issue. It will be on the second to last page of the magazine in the “Backfill” section. Editor Tim Healey stopped by during the open house on May 19th with a camera. He interviewed me and all. Hopefullly that might spur some additional interest in the house. Exciting. Very exciting. We’re also going to be featured in Concrete Home magazine. Not sure when though. I’ll keep you posted.

So selling a Hobbit house is no easy task in case you were wondering. I do have a bunch of little odds and ends to finish to get my final C of O (certificate of occupancy). Our idea was to put out a couple of open house signs and have a couple of people drop by if they’re interested in finding out what a Hobbit house is. You know maybe they take a picture or two and put it on Facebook. Get the word out that there really is a Hobbit House out there. Put it to you this way. A lot of people showed up the last two weekends. What a cast of characters too. All really nice people. Really nice. They all loved the house and what we did. Wish everyone out there could stop by. Pictures really do not do this house justice. It’s way too cool.

Even if I don’t sell it everyone’s response when they see it has been worth it. It’s funny but everyone who comes in has their own ideas about how to finish the insides and what they would do on the outside. There are some really great ideas out there for sure.

So we are going to have a more formal open house next weekend. I put an ad in the Sunday New York Times in the Vacation and Country Properties section. Saturday June 16th from 10-3 if you were wondering. The signage thing is key. If you set it upright you can just lead people right to the house. I mean if they have a curiosity regarding hobbit homes that is. Its funny cause more than a few women have commented that they weren’t interested in the Hobbit when they initially saw it on Zillow. But once they got there and went inside they completely changed there minds. The Hobbit is really cool. The scale of the house is deceiving. It looks small when you see the pictures of it but it is a 1500 square foot house.

So the plan is to bring the grill over to the house and put it on the roof.  You know so if someone wants a hog dog while they’re walking the grounds they can grab a bite to eat. I’ll have my Mother-in-Law man the grill. This way I don’t have to listen to her banter about how she let me use her bathroom for  the last six years. According to her the place never would have gotten finished if it wasn’t for her house near by and Scott tissue paper. Geez. Hopefully she can cook a hot dog on the grill without alienating potential buyers. Hmmm. Maybe I should tell her the open house is Sunday.

That might be a better plan.

To top it all off the Editor and I are driving home from McKinney and the Editor notices one of my Open House signs that is still in place on the side of the road. I tell her to just pull over quick and I’ll jump out and get it. She’s about to stop and then says wait let me pull up it’s too dangerous to stop here. Ok. She pulls up. Then she says the same thing again. OK. Now I’m not just hopping out and getting back in. I wanna say she did this four times. By the time she finally stopped and let me out I had to put running shoes on and shorts. I think I was at least a quarter mile from the sign. I think she did it on purpose because I over ate at dinner. Totally ridiculous.

I really did over eat. I could use the exercize as well.

Have a great week and I hope you are all enjoying summer!



4 thoughts on “Oh! You Forgot to Pick Up One of the Signs!!!….”

  1. Hello Son-in-law,
    So now you want me to be a short order cook? well I will be happy to do it.
    You know you talk about the bathroom,those 6am trips when I heard someone come
    in the basement at first it scared me, thenI got used to it and said it ‘s just Jim.
    Well honey if I wasn’t so close what a trip you would have had, and it wasn’t only
    the bathroom,what about all those lunches for those teenage boys I loved every minute.
    You guys worked so hard it was my pleasure to do anything I could to make it just a little
    easier for you and the boys.
    See you saturday, OH and by the way I get $15.00 an hour.

    Love ya

    • Dear Mother-in-Law: We’ll talk about the rate. No overtime either. You get to have a small lunch and a water botttle. That’s it!

      See you Saturday.

    • Yeah Mike. I actually took pictures of how far it was cause I really couldn’t believe it. Definitely a quarter mile.

      Thanks for writing and I hope everything is going well.



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