Fixing a Thumb.

To the the Free Folk of Middle Earth: Do not let your hearts be troubled. For although my thumb is broken the fix is in the works and I head to the surgeon Monday morning! I hope this doctor knows what the heck he’s doing. I really need this thumb back in working condition as soon as possible.

Welcome once again to our little hole in the wall of a construction blog we like to call Hobbit Hollow.

Just quick: Had to work in the city this weekend like I was telling you all last week. So the house is on standby until I can get up on my feet again.

So I went to the Orthopedist Wednesday. Apparently the broken part of my thumb is twisted and needs to be reset. They need to put two pins into my thumb as well. There are worse things in life. I’ll get through it.

Changing directions: Ethan’s been going to work with me the last couple of weeks. He has been working as a wire lather much like brother Jude was over the summer. He’s a barrel of fun as well on the ride to and from work.

My commuting buddy.

We really do have some scintillating conversation to and from the big city as you can see. Believe it or not I can still listen to my Spanish tapes on the ride home. It doesn’t seem to bother him.

So the one thing that’s still in my mind from last week’s broken thumb incident is Peter’s comment. “Hey Terence, what are we doing tonight?”


Have a great week!


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