Skylights Revisited……There’s Your Nose Dad

Hello again friends of Middle Earth! Welcome back  to the continuing saga of Hobbit Hollow. We’re going to have to keep this brief people we’ve had a busy weekend.

Just a quick story before we begin.

So daughter Georgia is over across the pond in the sunny land of Spain. We Skyped her on Saturday which is really fun. she moved into a new apartment the other day and she was Skyping from her bedroom. I noticed some pictures on the wall and asked her what they all were. Georgia then proceeded to get up with her computer and  show us the pictures on the wall. You know they’re like pictures of family and friends, that sort of thing. She brings the computer closer to the pictures and says, “There you are Dad. Well….It’s not really you, it’s just a picture of your nose.” Sure enough there’s a picture of the Manhattan skyline with this nose sticking out on the side of the picture. I didn’t know my nose was so big. I mean I guess it’s just the fact that there was no way to get a sense of scale if you know what I mean. I mean with no face attached you really can’t tell if a nose is big or small can you? Right?

So it makes a father’s heart warm knowing that his daughter wakes in the morning in a foreign land and says hello to his nose.

So I got that going for me in some sort of way.

Okay enough about noses. Let’s get back into Hobbit houses.

I really don’t think my nose is that big though. I mean as a kid nobody ever made fun of my nose. You know what I’m saying?

So Bob did me a favor last Monday and took care of switching out the ground wire for the panel box  along with securing some of the heavy copper wires in the box as well. He took a selfie after he finished so I told him I would put it in.

Bob finishing up the panel box for me. Thanks buddy.
Bob finishing up the panel box for me. Thanks buddy.

The guy definitely knows what he’s doing as far as wiring is concerned.

Well we’ve reached a crossroads over at  Hobbit Hollow in a way. I’ve made the decision to try and secure the outside of the house. That means skylight action. I’ve ordered them and I’m hoping to have them in hand within a week or two.

So what does that mean?

What it means is we have to seriously prep the openings to receive the skylights. What I have to do is create a frame to attached the skylight to and to nail roofing shingles to. Let me show you.

I’m just going to run through  a series of pictures here.

Pre framing. Skylight uncovered.
Pre framing. Skylight uncovered.

I had forgotten how much light the skylights are going to let into the house.

Let the light in.
Let the light in.

That’s the kitchen skylight.

skylight details.
skylight details.
getting started with the frame.
Getting started with the frame.

I used pressure treated 2×6’s to wrap the exterior edge of the skylight. I nailed a piece of plywood to the top of the 2×6 so I could get a good measurement on the first piece. This helped to hold it in place so I could use a block to mark the cut line I wanted. The concrete is far from perfect here so I scribed and cut things to fit.

Exterior nailer done on kitchen skylight.
Exterior nailer done on kitchen skylight.

I used tap con  screws to hold the 2×6 in place. 3 1/4 long.

Countersunk tap cons .
Countersunk tap cons . The one on the right is not countersunk.

After that it was just a matter of placing the 3/4 pressure treated CDX plywood over the skylight, marking it and cutting it to fit.

Pressure treated plywood in place for skylight and roofing shingles.
Pressure treated plywood in place for skylight and roofing shingles.

One down four to go people. It went pretty well though. I think I could do a skylight in two hours.

Hmmm. Critters. Don't know if he's a permanent resident.
Hmmm. Critters. Don’t know if he’s a permanent resident.

It’s supposed to get into the eighties this week. Unbelieveable.

Have a good one!


Just an afterthought: I’m really glad that nose didn’t have any visible nose hair. That would have been embarrassing.

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