In a Hole In the Ground…..

Apologies this week to all. I had to work all day Saturday in Manhattan and just couldn’t muster the energy for a blog post this week. I’m hoping to work this coming weekend so I look forward to seeing you back.

Ethan and Jude put in a few good days this passed week and did quite a number on the waterproofing. I think in two good days they should be finished. Here’s how they left off.

East side waterproofing well under way.
East side waterproofing well under way.

The hole in the ground reference will have to wait….. It’s a long story.

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “In a Hole In the Ground…..”

  1. I’m back, you know you missed me. Looks like you guys had a great day at the game to bad I was away I know you would have wanted me along.I missed all of you yeah even you. luv mother-in-law

    • I guess my week of bliss is finally over. Oh well. I bet Liberty of the Seas will never be the same. Watch your step going out your front door we’re not done yet. Hopefully this week!

      Glad you’re back safe and sound,

      Son in law, Jim


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