Happy New Year!!!!!……….Where Were We?????

Hello fans of Middle Earth! Welcome to 2018!!! Happy New Year and I hope you all had a merry Christmas as well.

Where were we???

Well the holidays are a busy time and I hope to get back into the blogging once again. I am sorry today. It’s already past my bedtime so this is going to be really short.

Son Jude got a staph infection the Saturday before Christmas. Apparently a bad one. He was in the hospital Christmas Eve until the Wednesday after Christmas. So being in the hospital is always a blast. Especially during the holidays. He also had to go on intravenous antibiotics for 14 days after he got out. A dose every 6 hours. So Jude is having a banner semester break from college.

Georgia headed back to Spain. Boy are we gonna miss her. It was really really nice having her around. Good luck Georgia. We love you.

Be safe.

Or in Lord of the Rings speech. Keep it secret…keep it safe.

Gotta go. Just a few pictures of what we’ve been working on.

A little taste of siding.
Jude and Terence working on the furring strips out front
Terence getting quite a laugh.

Apparently Jude was making an analogy with me and the father from the show “Orange County Choppers”. Not really relevant as far as I’m concerned. You have to have seen the show.

Jude trying on hats.
Jude working on the sill extension for the front door.

Looking to get my electrical and plumbing inspections this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a blessed and prosperous year.

Best wishes!


PS: Mike. Negative 10 here the other day. Hope you are enjoying the sun!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!!……….Where Were We?????”

  1. Jim,

    Hope Jude is feeling better. I’ve been not too far from you all week (Boston), but I get to go back to nice sunny Texas just before the latest storm hits. Have fun with it. 🙂

    A happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours.


  2. Jim,
    Happy New Year! Yes, my dad calls me on an almost daily basis to break chops: “What’s the temperature down there?” I’ll be in Brooklyn every Wednesday starting on the 24th, so I’ll experience the cold soon enough!
    Hope Georgia got out of JFK on-time, what a mess!

    • Hey Mike! Nice hearing from you. Yeah it was real cold that week. Its warming up now. supposed to be near 50 on Friday.so I’m taking some time off from work to try and finish the Hobbit house. Putting in some long days. I really love it though. Terence is doing the siding on the front of the house. He’s doing a good job. Also got the sheetrock delivered. Hope to be starting real soon and yeah Georgia’s flight was canceled. Luckily she was able to rebook for the following day. Hope all is well. Take care Mike.

  3. Hi Jim, welcome back. Sorry to hear of your son’s staph infection, resistant staph is no joke. I hope and pray for a full and speedy recovery. Thought you might like to know about a new Middle Earth movie coming out…no, not The Silmarillion, they don’t have the rights to that. This will be a sequel to Lord of The Rings. Peter Jackson thinks there is enough material in the appendices to stretch into a movie, we will follow Sam and Rosie’s marriage, Merry and Pippin as they grow old, etc. They have already started to sign cast members. I hear that Bruce Willis is to play a major part. The movie, scheduled for release Christmas week 2020 will be titled: Old Hobbits Die Hard. Okay John, I hope you are not planning a new career as a stand up comic…Old Hobbits Die Hard indeed! Sorry Jim, these things just seem to pop into my brain, I’ve got no real control over them. As always, best wishes…..john

    • You know you had me going there for a moment. Old Hobbits die hard. I have to admit that was a good one. Hope your new years went well. And thanks for mentioning Jude. He got his IV pic pulled out yesterday. Take it easy.


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